Sports World Magazine is the UK’s premier Sports x Lifestyle publication exclusively produced free of charge for all professional players, elite sports stars, their partners and high-net-worth business owners.

The magazine is published quarterly and delivered in printed hard copy.

Alongside exclusive interviews with the biggest names in the industry and the people behind the scenes, this high-end publication also includes the latest cutting-edge fashion, luxury travel, business news and innovative products and services. A trusted source of news, information and guidance containing informative interviews, fascinating insights and industry specific stories.

The publication is produced by Sports World Media Ltd and is the creative of Managing Directors Liam Milburn and Andrew Davidson. Liam and Andrew are experienced Managing Directors with a demonstrated history of working with professional footballers and elite sports athletes. With career backgrounds within sports publishing, media and the luxury market. Skilled in print and digital strategy, social media, email marketing, coaching, sales and event management. They are strong business development professionals who are dedicated to providing a hands-on top class service.

SWM is a lifestyle magazine which provides a unique opportunity for luxury brands to reach an affluent audience with phenomenal spending power, primarily made up of males aged between 18 and 35. The publication is sectioned off into sub categories specific to the target market and readership, making it user friendly for the end user to source various products and services or to locate certain features and interviews.

Every issue the publication covers the latest luxury travel and vacation, watches and jewellery, aviation, high end men’s and women’s fashion, property and investment, luxury interior and exteriors, vehicle automotive and supercars, lifestyle, consultancy, fitness, nutrition, security, luxury chauffeur, yacht charter, legal, finance, insurance, health and wellbeing

The core target market and expertise lies within the UK football industry but the magazine will always cover (but aren’t limited to) other sports including Boxing, Golf, UFC and Formula 1 with dedicated interviews and features with the biggest names in their respective sports and industries.

Published quarterly, the magazine is distributed to every single player at all Premier League, Championship, League One and Scottish Premier League football clubs. As well as all Champions League and Europa League qualified football clubs across all major European countries.
This also includes various other world sports stars and celebrities.

The Feminine Touch is a creative space in the magazine designed exclusively for our female audience, which is the wives and girlfriends of professional footballers and sports athletes.

It covers the latest fashion, interiors, cosmetic treatments, hair and make up, luxury travel and designated time sensitive features including wedding planning, as well as interviews with the girls, tv personalities and other celebrities.

The magazine is distributed nationally to a female audience at their respective residential addresses but also to a select number of exclusive venues.

SWM and our feminine touch space combine to bring one publication to both the player and his partner.

The compete lifestyle publication for an affluent couple enjoying the finer things in life.


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