Andrew, Liam and the team at SWM have been fantastic for me since I joined Liverpool. They have helped me source vehicles and travel arrangements as well as other products and services for me and my family.
I love getting the magazines at the training ground.
Great magazine 

Thank you 

Gini Wijnaldum – Liverpool FC / Dutch International

Overfinch UK

Working with SWM has helped us work towards engaging with the Sports & Entertainment sector through their different media channels and their network of valuable contacts.
We have found Andrew and the rest of the team to be full of energy, ideas and focus which has translated into successful strategies with tangible sales results.
Jordan Sloane Head of UK Sales, Overfinch

John Terry, Aston Villa FC

It’s always an honour to be featured in SWM magazine and specifically one working with all the players.

Working alongside SWM these last few months has been great fun and I always enjoy receiving a copy at home and at the training ground to keep updated.

My favourite thing about SWM is being able to keep people informed not only on sports but also lifestyle and news.

Odyssey Connections

I would like to thank Liam, Andrew and the rest of the SWM team for their ongoing help and can do attitude. I was originally contacted by Liam on LinkedIn about our services, after a brief conversation with Liam and the different options within the magazine, we decided the best suited was a double A4 page editorial.
Liam and his colleagues have been extremely helpful through the whole process from start to finish. With the whole of the SWM team being helpful and easy to contact should you have any queries as a business, they make life easier for everyone involved. Not only this but I have generated business directly from top professional and international footballers as well as warm introductions to their clients, which always helps especially when catering to individuals or business that lead such demanding lifestyles. Odyssey Connections have decided to continue our partnership with SWM and are now showcasing ourselves through them and their media platforms for the fourth quarter running and look forward to working with them in the future and helping their clients throughout the whole of 2018.
I would highly recommend any business give Sports World Magazine some serious thought if they feel they can cater to their clients. With help from start to finish, you can have full faith in the service being provided; they go further than just printing your advert in a magazine.

Danny Williams, Huddersfield Town FC

It’s a really cool magazine which focuses most on football and style and you always get to know other players better when you read their story.
I think almost every football player in the UK reads it.

SWM are doing a great job with nice interesting features and interviews.

Club Wembley

Anybody looking to get marketing out into a premium market place, I cant shout about SWM enough!  Liam and his team have constantly kept us updated with their developments, to give us the best opportunity of success with our advertising campaigns, not to mention introducing us to several other businesses they work with to further build and nurture relationships!  Great publication to be a part of and to work with! 

Danny Simpson, Leicester City FC

Sports World Magazine has reached out too many people everywhere.
It has the backing of very high profile sportsman and for me this is happened in a relatively short period of time.
It’s honest and creative in every aspect.

Dubai Key

From the moment that we started to work alongside Sports World Magazine I knew that it would be a fruitful and lasting partnership. Not only do the guys manage to provide a fantastic magazine on a regular basis, but also their sheer network of people and businesses alike has really been beneficial to our own growth in Dubai. I am really looking forward to seeing our advert again in the next edition, and many more to come.

Paul Dummett, Newcastle United FC

SWM is a great magazine delivered to all of us at the training ground.

The lads have helped me a lot over the past few years with holidays, vehicles, watches, hot tubs and various other services.

I would highly recommend the fantastic service the team provide and look forward to using them for the foreseeable future.

Hot Tub Factory 

During the spring of 2016 we were approached by Sports World Magazine, at first we were reluctant due to other advertisements not bringing in much interest but after a meeting with Liam and Andrew it was quite evident that these guys were extremely confident and enthusiastic about the marketing potential our company would have by putting our ad in the magazine, so we gave it a go.
Within weeks of placing the ad in the magazine we had a Premiership footballer interested in buying a Hot Tub from us. Liam and Andrew within their own time actually brought him to our showroom, which automatically helped the footballer, feel more relaxed when talking with us and discussing exactly what he was looking for. Needless to say he bought a Hot Tub from us and as soon as the publication went live, we were inundated with enquiries, which were directly from the spring 2016 publication. We are now taking this opportunity to thank the guys for their efforts, strongly recommend the publication to any companies looking to increase there sales within an affluent market and we look forward to working with them in the future.

SWM is a really good magazine! It isn’t just a magazine, it offers so much more. The lads have helped me with booking flights and travel and all sorts of different things for my family and me over the years. They are always available to help me and the other players for whatever we need

Jonjo Shelvey – Newcastle United FC

Opulent Automotive

Liam & Andrew from Sports World Magazine offer a great service.
The magazine is top quality and the minute we booked with them we were introduced to a professional premier league player in which we had our vehicles down to the training ground for test-drives. On top of that the lads push us extensively through their great social media platforms and email campaigns. I would strongly recommend their services to market your business to professional players and the sports industry

SWM is a quality magazine, not only for its interesting articles and features but also for the top class products and businesses it showcases. It’s always great getting it delivered to the training ground as you know something is going to catch your eye.
Keep up the good work lads.


Mark Gillespie, Walsall FC

Asif Majid CEO/Founder of YU Spaces & Partners

I have spent over 25 years in the sports and Luxury industry and have yet to see a sports related magazine make such an impact in such a short period of time. Many magazines have come and gone but I see a great future for SWM as in Liam and Andrew they have guys with vision and dedication and always looking at improving their product which is a good sign for any successful business.

Oliver Burke – West Bromwich Albion FC & Scotland International

I think it’s a great magazine! Keeping you up to date with all the latest news, holidays, sports and fashion.

They have helped me a lot with picking me my perfect holidays and I’ve had nothing but the best service.

Keep up the great work lads

Johnny Vegas CEO of Kloudout

Being in the concierge business over 10 years I have work with many brands. With that said, after meeting with sports world magazine face to face and working with them on many requests, as a founder of a global elite concierge company and PR to professional athletes and high profile individuals, sports world magazine is the future what we all are waiting for. Not only do they make it easy for my clients to find what they are looking for but also their response time is quicker than anything I’ve ever seen before. Moving forward, my self and my company are delighted to be a partner and work along side with what’s going to become the future of a GQ type lifestyle magazine for sports professionals.

Brendan Galloway – Everton FC

Great magazine that I like to read in my spare time.

SWM is always updating me on the best holidays to go on, the new style of clothes, new cars and always giving the best information to help enjoy life

Signature Bespoke Luxury Tailoring

Sports World Magazine has been a great source of promotion to our Signature Bespoke Luxury Tailoring Business. The design team and the overall management are hands on and deliver first class service. We will be continuing to invest our marketing budgets with Sports World and would recommend them to any other business that is relevant to their target audience

Sports World Magazine is a great read. The lads love it when it turns up at the training ground. They have looked after me over the past few years on holidays and other services

Grant Hanley – Norwich City FC & Scottish International


I have loved investing my marketing budget with Sports World Magazine. The lads have been first class from the off. Through the magazine, their social media channels and their fantastic network they have secured me a number of sales on high performance vehicles to professional footballers, which is exactly what I signed up for! Looking forward to working with them for the remainder of 2018 

Mark Pryke, Director 

SWM gives you a great insight into the sporting stars of the world, their lifestyle, training and day-to-day life.
It offers you brillant one to one service for holidays, cars and advice.
Great work from all the team involved.

Chris Basham – Sheffield United FC

Platinum Players

After a phone call with Andrew and Liam it was apparent we had to start
working with Sports World Magazine.

We felt their ideas and high standards matched our own and after only a week or two we managed to generate new bookings for us and lots of new enquiries from Players.

We highly recommend Sports World Magazine.

The guys at SWM have been amazing with me for quite some time now. Helping me with various things from holidays to general advice, it’s really good to read about other footballers and their stories which is a great feature of the magazine, it’s one of the most popular magazines at the training ground. Andy and the rest of the team are top people, thanks again lads.

Scott McTominay – Manchester United FC & Scotland International

Toni Terry, Owner – Buddy Workout & wife of John Terry.

I love the variety! I love to see different sports people being interviewed and I think it is really interesting to see how different people see fitness, nutrition and training.

I also love the variety from fashion, it was amazing for us to see John’s brand Thomas Royall in the magazine and also, all of the new brands that are up and coming… The holidays and lifestyle… there is such a great diversity and it is really high end.
I love it.


Thanks to Andrew and Sports World Magazine for their great service and the rapid organisation for any of my wishes. Keep it up guys!

Elias Kachunga – Huddersfield Town AFC

Ace Clothing UK

With my love of the sport, the guys at Sports World Magazine had me hooked on to their page, seeing how many great faces sports world have, I couldn’t NOT work with them. They have introduced my brand in to the eyes of some of the most talented footballers and sports personnel around at the moment!
The guy’s produce a great read for all ages and give a wide range of sports info to keep everyone in the know.

Scrutton Bland Insurance

The guys are totally dedicated to their work and have looked after my advertising extremely well, Liam made the whole process simple and was so easy to deal with, coupled with a fantastic quality magazine produced, I was proud to be a part of it.


As a company who is constantly turning away magazines selling advertising space it is fair to say that we nearly missed a great opportunity with Sports World Magazine. The initial approach from Jordan was succinct and direct to the point where we thought it made sense to get further detail. The information provided by Liam & Andrew in the days following the initial call convinced me to “give it a go”. From one issue alone we have secured a significant number of enquiries and indeed two presentations have already resulted in new business. We are now looking to set aside further monies in our marketing budget next year in order to advertise on a few more occasions with Sports World. Thanks for the opportunity guys and good luck going forward.

Wrap Monkey Vehicle Wrapping

We contacted the lads at Sports World Magazine after hearing really good things by businesses already advertising with them. Liam came to meet me at my office and was passionate about guaranteeing return on investment. After the meeting and within a couple of days Andrew brought a professional international player over to us to have his vehicle wrapped. There have also been other enquiries too. This was all before we had even designed our advert or the mag had been released. Really looking forward to working with the SWM team for the foreseeable future.

Auto Clean ‘n’ Gleam

What a great magazine! The layout is good and the advert, which was designed for me, was excellent. Advertising in the magazine has put me in contact with two professional players, which has lead to regular work. I would definitely recommend.

GAD Tuning

Here at GAD tuning I have been seeking to advertise my business for some time, the trouble was having people who understood the target market I am seeking to hit. I bumped in to Andy and after many years, had a catch up and we organised a meeting. From that moment forward Andy and Liam were extremely professional, they had great drive and ambition, from all they have achieved in such a small time I know they will do extremely well in their industry. From placing just one advert, Liam and Andy organised a sit down with a Newcastle united football player leading to GAD tuning remapping a high end car which done wonders for my business. I am incredibly thankful to Sports World Magazine; I hope to work with them again soon.

Scalp Micro UK

We’ve recently received the latest edition of Sports World Magazine, in which there is a double spread article about our company Scalp Micro.UK The feedback, not only about the article but the quality of the magazine itself has been exceptionally positive, and we’ve already had enquiries and bookings from our exposure in there. We’re very happy to be part of Sports World Magazine, thanks guys and keep up the good work.

Marlon Harewood – Ex West Ham United – Owner AC13 Premier & Lifestyle

Love what Sport World Magazine is all about, it always has great relatable content and equally interesting interviews. We hope to continue working with them more and more with our own adverts and content. Thanks again lads.

Show Fighter

From our initial chat with Liam, we knew Sport World Magazine was the right publication and brand for us to partner with for our high-end celebrity events. They provided great event coverage and brand exposure, most notably for our Floyd Mayweather Las Vegas Ball in March 2017.
Liam and Andrew and their team helped to promote our events to their affluent network and readers and did a great job. We look forward to working SWM on our next and future events.

Forever Living

I just want to take the time to say thank you to Sports World Magazine. From the initial chat with Liam I loved how professional things were. Thank you for helping me to reach a wider audience with my products, it is a pleasure to work alongside you. The process was so smooth, I was given great support and guidance and it’s truly a pleasure to be featured alongside such amazing content. Thank you for making this process one with no hassle and for making my finished piece look so incredible. I am one very happy lady. Thank you again Liam, Andrew and all the staff at Sports World, you should be so proud of the value it gives to the reader. Thanks to this opportunity I have been in conversation with a professional British middleweight champion Boxer which without this magazine this wouldn’t have happened so thank you lads. May this relationship grow from strength to strength.